The Polyamory Workbook

The Polyamory Workbook

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Successfully navigate nonmonogamous relationships with this practical workbook filled with activities, journal prompts, interviews, and more activities designed to make polyamory work for you and your loved ones.

What makes nonmonogamy feel good? Where do we draw the line between loving, freedom-based relationships and a free-for-all? How can you make the joyful, secure polyamorous relationships you want a reality? 
The Polyamory Workbook not only answers these questions, but also helps you determine what you really want when it comes to your life, your relationships, and the community you build-and how to get it.

Packed with helpful journal prompts, activities, and advice designed to make polyamory work for you and your loved ones,
The Polyamory Workbook draws key information from real polyamorous people and relationship experts to help you expand your emotional and relational toolbox, better preparing you for the dive into nonmonogamy. This workbook focuses on the foundational knowledge everyone interested in or already practicing polyamory should know, including:
  • Types of nonmonogamy
  • Communication styles
  • Boundary setting
  • Consent
  • Metamours and jealousy
  • Pitfalls and red flags
  • Breakups
  • And more!

Whether you’re new to nonmonogamy or have been practicing polyamory for a while, 
The Polyamory Workbook will help you identify and break away from fear-based relationships and journey toward freer, more joyful connections.